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Billiard Hall Fired On In Night Of Violence, 13 Dead In Medellin

November 16, 1992

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) _ Gunmen riding in two cars fired on a billiard hall, killing an 8-year-old child and eight other people, in a night of violence that left 13 dead in Medellin, police said today.

A police officer was killed in a separate incident Sunday night in the suburb of Aranjuez, police said. The slaying of the off-duty officer brings to 58 the number of policemen killed since druglord Pablo Escobar escaped from a Medellin-area jail in July.

National Police Chief Gen. Miguel Gomez says Escobar is paying $2,100 for every Medellin officer killed. Escobar reportedly wants to discourage police from searching for him.

The worst violence occurred in Medellin’s poor northeastern neighborhood of Villa Tina when gunmen shot into the pool hall, killing the child and several teen-agers, said police. The oldest person reported killed in the attack was 21 years old.

Three other people were shot to death in the northern suburb of Aranjuez, said police.

Police say they have no suspects in Sunday’s killings.

Last week, Gomez said the city’s so-called popular militias are behind some recent attacks on police in the city of 3 million. The popular militias are an urban guerrilla front often accused of campaigns in which they kill drug addicts and criminals.

Sunday’s violence came one week after President Cesar Gaviria called a 90- day state of emergency to give him more power to fight the country’s drug traffickers and insurgents.

In other violence, newspapers today said Colombia’s leftist rebels launched new attacks on the country’s oil pipelines.

Rebels from the National Liberation Army on Sunday dynamited two sections of the country’s largest pipeline, the Cano Limon-Covenas.

The attacks occurred in the northern states of Cesar and North Santander along the 400-mile-long line linking the Cano Limon oil field with the Caribbean port of Covenas.

It was not immediately known if any oil was spilled. Pumping had been suspended Friday to repair damages from earlier rebel attacks.

Sunday’s attacks bring to 41 the number of times rebels have attacked the Cano Limon-Covenas line this year.

Partners in the Cano Limon line include Occidental Petroleum Corp. of Los Angeles and a unit of the Royal Dutch-Shell group.

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