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GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Names Wife As Running Mate

June 30, 1990

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) _ One of the few people who believe William Shepard can topple Gov. William Donald Schaefer in the November election is his wife.

That’s why she’s his running mate.

Shepard, a Republican, has until Monday to file for candidacy in the gubernatorial race against Schaefer, a heavily fancied Democrat seeking a second term. He chose his wife over at least two other possible candidates.

The decision, he admitted, is ″a trifle hazardous.″ Some Republicans were quick to criticize.

″Politically, it’s a disaster,″ said a former GOP chairman, Dr. Allan Levey, ″because after the novelty wears off, the people of the state of Maryland are going to reject that totally as an alternative for Governor Schaefer.″

Levey said he was so disturbed by the husband-wife concept that he would volunteer to serve as chairman of ″Republicans for Schaefer.″

The governor appeared only slightly unperturbed.

″Aw, come on,″ he said, before adding, ″That’s very nice.″

Shepard is a retired foreign service officer. His wife, Lois, was appointed director of the federal Institute of Museum Service by President Reagan in 1985, and served in the $68,700-a-year post for four years.

Her nomination, which followed her work on the Reagan-Bush campaign, was criticized because of her lack of experience in the museum field. The Realtor and former teacher defended the appointment on the basis of her administrative abilities and experience.

″Looking at Lois’ candidacy on the merits, people will conclude what I have concluded,″ Shepard said. ″She directed a federal agency and she is familiar at first hand with budget matters, authorization and appropriations.″

GOP State Chairman Joyce Terhes said she had found two other running mates for Shepard but said he was not considering other candidates.

″It is fait accompli,″ she said. ″It’s hard when you’re breaking new territory. I don’t want it to overshadow the issues. His campaigning staff will definitely have to look up strategies ... how they can accentuate the positive.″

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