Jerry Jones argues NFL season should be 18 games

August 28, 2018

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has a solution for how to solve the NFL’s preseason problem: extend the regular season.

Jones told the Dallas Morning News that he’s in favor of adding two more games to the regular season which would put the slate at 18 and cut two games from the preseason.

This idea has been raised before, and Jones said he presented the argument in the last round of negotiations for the league’s collective bargainingagreement with the player’s union.

“It would provide more than $1 billion to the players,” Jones said. “Its certainly worth considering. It would direct more value for what the players expend to the players.”

Extending the season might be a tough sell considering the idea would seemingly contradict the league’s objective of making the game safer.

But Jones had an answer for that, too.

“I can make the case that we have an uptick in concussions in the preseason,” Jones said. “If you look at it, I would contend there would be less exposure.”

Fans have voiced various complaints when it comes to the preseason. For one, the product isn’t as enticing with most starters on the sideline. That’s understandable, considering the risk of injury, but it’s hard for fans to justify paying for games at close to full price.

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