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British Team Fined for Climbing Everest Without Permit

November 7, 1993

KATMANDU, Nepal (AP) _ They came, they saw, and they conquered the world’s tallest mountain. Then the British expedition was fined $100,000 for not having a permit.

Four members of the team scaled Mount Everest last month, even though their government permit was good only for Mount Lhotse, a sister peak that is 926 feet shorter.

The fine is twice the amount mountaineers have to pay to climb the 29,028- foot Mount Everest, the Tourism Ministry said Sunday.

The offenders were John Scott McIvor, 39, a British accountant living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Ginette Lesley Harrison, a 35-year-old doctor from Bristol, England. The two reached the peak first Oct. 7.

They were followed two days later by Martin Barnicott, 41, a mountain guide from Gwynedd, Wales, and American lumber businessman Lee Nobmann, 43, from Petaluma, Calif.

None of them were immediately available for comment.