Digital Mike: Colors paint our world, emotions and views

December 16, 2018

One of the things I enjoy in the coming new year is the choice of the color of the coming year. It seems that more are getting into the moment. Take a look.

The leader

Pantone is the leader, in my mind, of color choices, so that’s why I’m going with them. Even so, some of the colors seem a bit out of my palette. Even so, we’ll see what this coming year’s color will provide in décor, clothing and other items. It’s Living Coral, which is a variation of pink. It’s been noted that it’s the color of coral reefs, which are under siege from changing temperatures and pollution. See what you think.



As I noted, others have gotten into the color game, especially the paint companies. And why not? It should be noted that they stand to profit from their color choices. But I like these color choices. It just depends on the walls where you choose to put them. Take a spin through all three.




Negative songs

I’m more of a positive person, but I always enjoy a list that offers critical thought and even some quips. Here’s a column about ranking 100 Christmas songs. Many of the choices depend on who’s singing it, but it’s a column worth a read. You probably won’t agree, but it’s worth seeing what shined for one person and why.


Brew shops

Where can you find good brews with great variety? Men’s Journal picks its top shops in each state. The top one in Minnesota is the Twin Cities, so it might be one you think about if you find yourself in the Cities. As with all U.S.-wide lists, it’s also good to use if you are traveling. Give it a read.


Top 89

Are you a fan of The Current, the Minnesota Public Radio rock station? It provides a great range of music and introduces you to a good smattering of Minnesota artists. It’s time for their annual top 89 voting. They tabulate your votes to pick the top 89 songs of 2018 and then play them straight through beginning at 5 p.m. on Dec. 31. Give it a try.


Long reads

My luxury is reading through the Sunday newspaper with a cup of coffee. I often wish life was such that I could linger for most of the day, if not the morning. But I can’t, so I soak up my reading as well as I can and try to circle back to find pieces that I still wanted to digest. I’ve mentioned the Sunday Long Read feature in the past, but thought I’d revisit as a reminder during these cold months. Sign up for the email list and you’ll get it dropped in your inbox each Sunday morning. Click and enjoy good writing often selected by guest editors. It’s free. Do it.


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