Orchids and Onions: Wednesday, October 10, 2018

October 10, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to the Safeway pharmacy staff. It isn’t good to need the meds, but it’s comforting to know that these great people help to make it happen, and doing it right every time. These ladies and gentlemen are the best, even after many, many years.

Orchids to Chubs Hot Rod Garage. Always high quality work on my hot rod at a fair price. Neat, and clean shop as well. Total class!

Orchids to Larry and Mary Ellen from Little Caesars Pizza for donating pizza to feed us and the visiting teams for two days at our LHHS Golf Tournament. You’re the best!

Orchids to Stella Barrows of Affordable Document Service. Your careful handling of our end-of-life documents was really helpful and appreciated. Put us at ease so our kids will have an easier time of things.

Orchids to Desiree at Havasu Community Credit Union for taking time above her normal duties to help with my banking. Very much appreciated.

Onions to the lunch Nazi. As you march around spouting orders and ruining the atmosphere with a frown, you should know the food being served to the older crowd is not heart healthy. You’re slowing killing your clientele. At least offer a healthy choice smile while you dictate to us members.

Onions to onions about remaining campaign. The only ones I see are those for candidates in Nov. election pending. Sorry if I have missed some of which you speak, though.

Orchids to the current production of “The Addams Family.” Lots of talent, energy, comedy, and drama. Don’t miss it. Lots of entertainment for $25! Love the time with the players and others outside after the finale.

Onions to the dog hate. This isn’t an animal issue, it’s a people issue. My property is not your dog’s personal toilet. Yet you drag it all the way up the street to let it use my yard. How about some common courtesy? Stop the childish name calling and labeling. Follow the city code and it is all good.

Onions to the shuttle service that did not provide service after the last PWC race on Saturday. Arrived immediately after the race was completed. We were left stranded.

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