DETROIT (AP) _ A student ''Soul Patrol'' has succeeded in stopping neighborhood bullies from victimizing students outside a middle school.

The 25-member Soul Patrol was formed at Joy Middle School, in an inner-city east side neighborhood.

''There used to be a time when there would be about 10 or 12 guys outside the school building waiting on kids to come outside so they could jump them,'' William Howard, a Detroit Urban League worker who established the program in 1986 after seeing a student robbed, said recently.

Each day, patrol in yellow jackets and caps patrol the school grounds, using walkie-talkies and whistles. The students get help from parents, Urban League volunteers and police Officer Anthony Thompson, who is assigned to the school.

''Before the program started, I used to have to take in at least one or two kids a day for delinquent behavior, but in the past few months, I haven't had to take anyone in,'' Thompson said.