The Werks to play in Huntington for first time

November 10, 2018


For The Herald-Dispatch

The Werks have built up an impressive fan base from their home in Central Ohio. Hailing from Columbus and Dayton, Ohio, the group has made their mark on the jam band scene with a decade-long tradition of multi-rhythmic jams and a penchant for improvisational and melodic tunes.

“Psychedelic dance rock” is the term used to describe The Werks, but mostly they follow their muse and play multi-genre grooves that can range from rock to reggae to more soulful fun. As their popularity has grown, the group has been featured at big music festivals ranging from High Sierra, Electric Forest to the All Good Festival and more.

In recent years, The Werks have also stepped up to create their own festivals and special events. Every August they host the three-day Werk Out Music and Arts Festival at the outdoor Legend Valley venue located near Dayton. In the wintertime, they retreat indoors for the 15-band Winter Werk Out Music and Arts Festival that takes place in Columbus for two nights, on Feb. 1 and 2, 2019.

And yet, The Werks have never played in Huntington, until now.

The Werks will perform at the V Club on Saturday, Nov. 10. The show starts at 10 p.m. and tickets are $15. The members of The Werks include Rob Chafin on drums and vocals, Jake Goldberg on bass and vocals, Chris Houser on guitar and vocals and Dan Shaw on keyboards and vocals. Opening the show will be The Kind Thieves.

“We are touring and also working in the studio right now as we are about to release a new album in January,” said Rob Chafin. “We have a new single out now called ‘Stars Collide’ The new album is going to be called Sonder. We have a lot of new songs on it, tunes that fit the theme and have a similar vibe as ‘Star Collide.’”

The Werks have released four studio albums over the years and have also released many live shows for download. With their upcoming project Sonder, however, they are exploring a new sound and a fresh way of jamming.

To hear the first single,“Stars Collide,” go to thewerksmusic.com/star-collide.

“This new album definitely has a more mainstream approach to it,” said Chafin. “It is not pop music or anything, but it will be more accessible to a larger audience than our previous albums. It is more progressive than our previous recordings, as well. We are trying to make a different album than most jambands make these days.

We are ready to take it to the next level. These new songs aren’t long just for the heck of it, but instead are focused on the vocals and they have more of a danceable aspect to them. In a sense, we are taking up where we left off of our last album Magic and expanding the sound even further. We have been working on this recording all year, and we have taken our time when working on these tracks, which will be more radio friendly. But, I don’t want to give out too much more information about the new album because I want people to be surprised when they hear it.”

After The Werks play in Huntington, they will head to the Northeast where they have shows scheduled in Washington DC, New York City and on New Year’s Eve in Boston, MA.

“I think that the jamband scene is in a really good spot now,” said Chafin. “I am curious to see where the genre goes as there are a lot of up-and-coming acts who are representing the next generation of the jam scene. I think that a lot of people are over where the music industry has gone in the mainstream these days. They are looking for something fresh and new and I think the jam scene can offer that for them. And, we have never played in Huntington, but we are looking forward to it. We love to play in new places and that is why we are excited to play in Huntington. We look forward to seeing what the music scene is like there because we have always heard good things about it.”

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