Santa Fe needs to move homeless shelter

May 23, 2019

I read with dismay yet again, of another traffic-related death of a homeless person on Cerrillos Road (“Homeless man struck, killed by truck had ‘gentle manner,’ ” May 18). Unfortunately, this news is not unexpected, as the area around the Interfaith Community Shelter at Pete’s Place on Cerrillos Road generates its own annual fatality statistic unlike any other concern along the recognized “gateway to Santa Fe.” Just what is the tally now?

The only recent issue of City Council leadership seems moved to acknowledge regarding this thoroughfare is concerning the weeds sprouting from the same said medians the unfortunate gentleman stepped off of into traffic — and his death. City Council, it’s time to recognize that Interfaith Community Shelter has outgrown its current facility on Cerrillos Road and needs serious consideration of a new, expanded and less deadly location. Weeds be damned! There needs to be more action towards benefiting the homless and saving lives.

Mark Stair

Santa Fe

Giant thanks

My husband and I would like to give a big thank you to the person who turned in our credit card on May 15. This was at the Giant gas station at 3900 Rodeo Road. It sure makes a person believe there are nice people around.

Kenny Goering

Santa Fe

Why no answers?

After two months of waiting, we have not received any answers to our questions for the newly formed Constituent Services. Why are modular homes with no landscaping being located over and over again in District 4? Camino Carlos Rey has over a dozen potholes from Zia Road to Cerrillos Road. Why no return phone call from the pothole hotline after we called several times in March? The police tell us that construction noise is allowed from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days per week. Does anyone else find this unreasonable? How about a more reasonable noise ordinance?

As for the median weeds, a young horticultural student of 13 years old could set up a regular schedule for weed control (“‘We have a problem,’” May 15). Why is this such a big deal in a city who prides itself on tourism? Thank you for any answers anyone can provide.

David Lagasse

Santa Fe

Recipe for de-weeding

The safest and cheapest weed killer is white vinegar. Do not spray near other plants as they may also die but it is great to use in an area where no other plants grow. Here is the recipe: Mix one-half gallon of distilled white vinegar with two tablespoons of dish soap. The soap helps the solution coat the plants. Distilled white vinegar contains 5 percent acetic acid which is harmful to plant cells. I use a two-gallon pump wand sprayer. Spray and soak the leaves and the base of the weeds. Weeds need several treatments.

Add one-half cup of salt, this will leach the nutrients soil so nothing grows. Stir solution until all salt is dissolved. This could be used on the concrete medians around town that have no plants but weeds are growing between the cracks. There are commercial vinegar sprays but they contain a higher acetic acid and can burn the skin and damage eyes. Protect yourself!

Paula McClean

Santa Fe

Which is worse?

It’s really a shame all the work that went into creating the trees and shrubs in the median on Zia Road between Yucca Street and Camino Carlos Rey, to see the plants all but dead. There was a huge expense to put in an irrigation system that, as usual, doesn’t seem to be operational to keep the plants and trees alive. Now we have dead trees to look at — which is worse than no trees at all. What’s the plan?

Keith Higgins

Santa Fe

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