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OMAHA, Neb. (AP) _ Never let it be said Johnny Carson does not pay his debts _ even some 50 years later.

Bob Sweet knew the former king of late-night television when Carson regaled friends with magic tricks at the Seven Seas lounge.

One night in the early 1950s, the WOW radio personality stopped by the bar, saying he needed $10 for cab fare.

Sweet gave him the money after making a bartender named ``Zim'' write out the IOU on a napkin. Sweet kept the paper for years but eventually misplaced it, figuring it was gone with the $10 Carson borrowed.

On a whim, Sweet recently wrote Carson, reminding the retired star not only about the loan, but ribbing him about the interest due.

The money was promptly mailed back with a note: ``Bob, it was my opinion it was a no-interest loan. Sincerely, Johnny Carson.''