MORE FITNESS OPTIONS: Bodifi in Rexburg focuses on whole-body approach to getting in shape

December 26, 2018

REXBURG — Thanks to a new name and an ownership change, Rexburg’s Bodifi, the former World Gym, is adding additional health-minded equipment and moving toward a more mind, body and whole fitness focus.

“We decided to leave World Gym because they were making a lot of franchise restrictions and changes. We would be required to use their marketing company services and images,” Bodifi Corporate Manager Becki Bird said. “They’re out of San Francisco. They’re more edgy and mainstream. We like to be a little more family based. The split was a welcome change.”

The gym changed names on Oct. 31.

Why the name “Bodifi”?

“Bodifi embodied ‘body’ and ‘fitness.’ We shortened it a little, and most of the gym members that I’ve talked to love it,” Bird said.

Bird said the change means that the gym isn’t just a weights and cardio fitness center.

“This has allowed us to branch out and to take advantage of the new science that’s out there,” Bird said. “Some people can’t do high-impact and heavy workouts. Why not give them another option for good health?”

The new science includes some revolutionary items that allow for weight loss and fitness without hammering someone’s body through intensive exercise to where it damages arms and legs, she said.

“You don’t need heavy traumatizing impacts to your body,” Bird said. “There’s other ways for your body to still be healthy. You can still do weight loss, and there are many different programs that aren’t about jumping up and down.”

One of the gym’s recently obtained pieces of equipment relying on new science includes what’s called a “Cocoon.” Similar to a tanning bed, it provides both relaxation and fitness, Bird said.

“It’s pretty amazing. It has a lot of great benefits. It helps with arthritis and joint pain. It helps with fitness like endurance and strength,” she said. “A lot of people say it helps them sleep better, and that they have more energy. It helps boost their metabolism. It’s a whole-body thing.”

The gym has also added what’s called “Red Light Therapy.” The therapy penetrates deeper into the skin while helping to energize skin cells. It also improves the skin’s elasticity while boosting the skin’s collagen, Bird said.

“It makes your skin look a little fuller and firmer,” she said.

A gym member told Bodifi officials about Red Light Therapy.

“We looked into it, and it led us on this path of a whole new world of wellness,” Bird said.

Bodifi also recently added a Blue Light Mask that helps with skin blemishes and acne.

“The blue light actually helps get rid of the bacteria that causes acne,” Bird said. “It’s not painful or anything. You wear a little facemask for 20 minutes.”

Of all the new equipment the gym has received, Bird’s favorite is what’s called “My Lipo.” She says that it’s a noninvasive LED contouring light that helps slim, tone and shape anywhere its worn on the body. Bird said it also helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

“There’s LED paddles, and you can hook them onto a belt,” Bird said. “You can attach the belt wherever you want to wear them. The LED light penetrates into your fat cells.”

Bird said that people develop their fat cells as teens and continue with the same amount into adulthood where the fat cells either shrink or grow.

“You never get rid of them, but Lipo penetrates the fat cells and then helps secrete all of the fatty acids,” Bird said. “It helps them shrink, and especially if you exercise within 24 hours and sweat out all of that fatty acid that plumps your fat cells. The science behind it is pretty cool. It’s nonsurgical lipo(suction).”

Other changes to the gym include turning Bodifi’s racquetball court into a training facility.

“We’ll have turf and Olympic lifting,” she said.

Bodifi also plans to do a complete overhaul of the interior of the gym by adding new graphics to its décor.

“We’re looking at doing other fun stuff like a rock wall,” Bird said.

Everything is changing at the gym, she said.

“We’re slowly changing our colors in here. We’re planning to do that in the upcoming year,” Bird said.

In the meantime, the gym still offers kids activities like gymnastics. It also provides a daycare for a small fee.

Bird says you can’t put a price on the benefits of exercising on a daily basis.

“It’s just everything — mental health, more energy, long-term longevity. People live into their 100s these days,” she said.

When a person fails to exercise or to move on a regular basis, their muscles start to break down.

“Your body starts to deteriorate when you don’t use it,” Bird said. “Exercise takes time out of your day, but you need to make it a priority. When you do, life is so much better.”

Bird says it’s a myth to think that a person has to already be in shape to sign up for gym membership. It’s also difficult to work out at home where there are too many distractions preventing you from getting a good physical workout.

Bird says that she tried exercising at home to no avail. There were to many distractions calling her name and she couldn’t concentrate on exercising when she felt like she need to be doing housework.

“I thought ‘I have to do the dishes.’ ‘I have to do this and have to do that.’ I can’t work out at home. I have to remove myself from that situation and focus on a location to exercise,” Bird said. “There, you can do 30 minutes of exercise uninterrupted and have much more energy to go home and get things done. You’re so much better off to invest a little bit each month to come to a fitness facility.”

The gym also provides a social aspect for its members.

“A lot of groups meet here. It’s their social outing,” Bird said. “Their friends notice when they’re not here.”

The gym is open 24 hours except on Sunday, but reopens at midnight on Sunday. It is located at 730 W. Seventh S. in Rexburg. For more information, call 208-356-7780.

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