Family seeking answers into the death of Ricardo Trevino III

December 28, 2018

SAN BENITO — April Flores left city hall last night carrying all the signs protesters were holding earlier in the evening.

They were all there demanding justice for Ricardo Trevino III.

And they plan to come back to the next meeting until public comment is available as the family looks for answers into the shooting death of Trevino.

Trevino, the 21-year-old was killed after a high speed car chase with police officers that started in San Benito in the 400 block of East Frontage Road and ended near the border off Military highway in a neighborhood on Ranch Park Road.

The chase began at around 3 p.m. on Friday Dec. 7 after San Benito police attempted to make a traffic stop.

Multiple police officers including the police chief have been placed on administrative leave after the incident.

Police used deadly force and Trevino ultimately died as they tried to patch up his wounds in the head, chest and arms.

Last night, Trevino’s mother April, and many of his family members were at city hall silently protesting law enforcement’s use of force and seeking answers about his death.

“My son’s life matters too,” April said while holding a sign outside city hall. “It’s almost been three weeks and no information has been released.”

Currently, the investigation into Trevino’s death is being conducted by the Texas Rangers.

“The community is seeking answers,” said Alfonso Benavidez, a spokesperson for the family. “The city has always professed transparency and we have a right to know the names of the officers involved in the shooting.”

Ricardo’s cousins paced back and fourth in front of city hall with signs that said “We miss him, Justice for Ricardo, Where is the Transparency, and His life matters.”

The protesters stood outside while the city conducted its special meeting.

No public comments were being allowed according to the agenda.

After the meeting San Benito City Attorney Mike Sossi and the Mayor Ben Gomez said special meetings don’t normally have public comment available.

The protestors were seeking an opportunity to comment during the city meeting.

After a review of the last three months of San Benito special meeting agendas, it showed there has not been public comment available.

“I know it’s been three weeks,” Gomez said after the meeting about Ricardo’s death. “It’s a tragedy.”

Gomez went up to Ricardo’s family members to offer his support and condolences after the meeting.

Family members asked for the names of the police who shot Ricardo.

Gomez told them he didn’t know any more than they did.

“I’m waiting for the reports,” Gomez said. “Justice will prevail.”


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