Janet McCormick: Goat cheese and cherry tart upgrades dessert options

November 25, 2018

Upgrade this year’s holiday pie with my goat cheese and cherry tart. Buttery crust, creamy goat cheese, no-fuss cherry pie filling take classic pie from same ol’ same ol’ and traditional to flavorful, with creamy depth and completely delicious. It’s just as good as any holiday side dish and I refer to it as a side dish rather than a dessert even though it can be both except without all the guilt when it’s just a side.

Knee deep in the autumn angst this time of year conjures, I am equally stirred in my spirit thinking of all the dishes I am going to be making for

Thanksgiving. The prevailing fall colors-- burnt umber, amber and autumn red bleed into my culinary soul. It deliciously and visually translates into a food landscape fit for a king. I am taking notes.

As I made the deliveries of baked lunches to some of my customers today, the conversation predictably lingered to questions of how others spend their holiday. I almost couldn’t contain my shrill when I began talking about how it all goes down in my house. The plans were as differently similar

as one would expect--different in that some were staying home, some were going out of town, some were forgoing the hectic planning and cooking but similar as everyone intended to acknowledge the day in thanks spending the time loving on each other and enjoying the classic dishes of their family’s traditions past. Whether you serve this at Thanksgiving or Christmas this will be a hit that may be your holiday go-to dessert.

This is a new idea for a classic pie. It’s minus the double crust you normally see on cherry pies and I’m using a convenient tart pan that makes the edges clean. I’m not particularly a detail kind of person so anything that will clean up my edges like a tart pan does, I’m in. This might appeal to those of you who are still on the fence of what you’re going to bring to the big event. It’s easy, inexpensive, and something a little different.


1 pkg. prepare pie crust

1 tart pan large or individual pans

2 cans cherry pie filling

3 oz. goat cheese

Smash the pie crust into the tart pan pressing the edges until it cuts off the excess pie crust. Fill with cherry pie filling and top with little nuggets of goat cheese. Place on a cookie sheet and Bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. Serve.

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