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October 15, 1997

Anti-U.S. Protesters in Brazil Burned an Effigy of President Clinton and Threw Manure on His Limousine

One demonstrator lost three fingers when a fireworks device apparently exploded in his hand, fire department officials said. People screamed at the noise of the explosion, according to authorities on the scene.

President Clinton took the manure-throwing incident in stride.

``His only reaction was, `I’ve had a lot worst thrown at me,‴ White House spokesman Mike McCurry told reporters traveling with Clinton.

Jim Steinberg, the president’s deputy national security adviser, said anti-U.S. protests were commonplace in Latin America during the 1980s before virtually the entire region adopted democratic governments.

``Ten or 15 years ago, Brazil felt that it had to define its policies as a counterbalance to developed countries like the United States,″ he said. ``People just forget what it was like when the juntas were in charge.″

The protests occurred after Clinton spoke at a news conference with President Fernando Henrique Cardoso in the Alvarado Palace garden.

As Clinton’s motorcade left the Brazilian congress, protesters threw manure on his limousine, which was hosed off at the U.S. embassy while he and Hillary Rodham Clinton met with employees inside.

Outside congress, as the president met with legislative leaders, demonstrators burned Clinton in effigy.

The protesters from the obscure United Workers Socialist Party waved banners such as ``Clinton Go Home″ and ``Third World exploiter.″ Others carried a coffin with the words ``Clinton imperialist Yankee.″

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