World must address overpopulation -- Diane Perris

October 12, 2018

Historic flooding. Disastrous storms. Melting polar ice and species going extinction. People concerned about climate change are making their voices heard, raising the alarm about a planet in peril. While they work hard to focus on our carbon footprint and environmental protection, an enormous elephant is in the room that no one’s talking about: overpopulation.

The environmental movement has been afraid to address overpopulation since the 1970s, when zero population growth got slammed for suggesting limiting family size to sustain the planet. Apparently, this roused the ire of people who felt their morals and free will were being challenged, and the environmental movement backed off.

We seem to be more than willing to limit the population of other species, sometimes to improve their quality of life, and especially when it suits our purposes. But as comedian Bill Burr puts it, “It’s not the deer that are clogging up the freeways. It’s us.”

I realize advocating for population control is a controversial and privileged request. But it’s really the only hope for saving this beautiful planet and all its inhabitants.

Diane Perris, Madison

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