Wall distracts from real solutions -- John Senseman

January 29, 2019

The president and Congress need to stop being diverted from solving the immigration problem by focusing on “the wall.”

The Mexican border is only a small part of the immigration question. Obviously, illegal immigration occurs at this border, but “the wall” won’t eliminate that entirely nor is it a cost-effective solution. We must have better surveillance and monitoring there.

We also need have a system for legitimate refugees and their families to enter. We need to have options for a measured number of other immigrants to enter. We need better methods for monitoring immigrants who overstay their visas. We need to solve the problems with the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

We need a reasonable guest worker program to allow law-abiding, hard-working immigrants into this country, especially in the farming sector where labor is in critically short supply.

The president and Congress need to keep the government open with a continuing resolution and spend maximum effort to put in place a fair, equitable and practical immigration system. This is grossly overdue. We need a permanent solution to this problem, and we need it now.

John Senseman, Verona

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