Letter to the editor: Seniors not ‘greedy’

November 14, 2018

Seniors not ‘greedy’

After reading Kathleen Bollinger’s letter “Senior citizens not sacred cows” (Oct. 10, TribLIVE), I had to count to 1,000 before I was able to respond, or risk being called a bully or worse.

I take offense at her comment, “Senior citizens are the greediest generation.” We’ve worked hard our entire lives. From the age of 18 until I retired in 2012, I had 14 different jobs. I’m entitled to every dollar I receive from Social Security and am disgusted that she feels I should give a portion of my income to those who are struggling.

My husband and I struggled for many years as we worked our butts off in order to save for our future. No one handed us anything. Why do you feel I should give up what I worked so hard for? I am a widow and need that check each month, but I still do my part by generously giving to others when I am able.

If you are a “sacred cow” and are feeling benevolent, by all means send part of your check to someone you feel needs it. Don’t give our money-hungry leaders any ideas that involve taxing our Social Security; we pay enough in taxes already. Let our overpaid leaders take pay cuts and give to the less fortunate. Leave our Social Security alone. Plus, there are already many organizations that help those who need it.

Christine Cimino-Schubert

Lower Burrell

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