Inmate charged with assault of corrections officer

November 29, 2018

KANKAKEE — For the second time this year, Kankakee County jail inmate Jacob Pitts has been arrested for assaulting a corrections officer.

The 36-year-old Pitts was charged with felony aggravated battery. Judge Kathy Bradshaw-Elliott set his bond at $100,000 on Tuesday.

It is the eighth case Pitts has pending in Kankakee County court. His other cases involve delivery of a controlled substance (2015), criminal trespass to land (two cases 2017), damage to property (2017 and 2018) and producing 50 to 200 cannabis plants (2016).

Reading from a report, Prosecutor Carol Costello said an officer told Pitts he would come back and pick up his milk container and cereal bowl during breakfast. When the officer returned, Pitts refused to give the items back and moved to the back of his cell.

Officers entered the cell and Pitts lunged at an officer and struck him.

“I fear for my life. My personal safety is endangered,” Pitts said to Elliott when he was up for his bond hearing over closed circuit TV from Jerome Combs Detention Center.

“They mess with my food. Please move me out of this facility.”

Pitts said he was going to represent himself and wanted a speedy trial. He then got up from a chair and left the room.

The hearing continued without him.

On May 14, Pitts refused to go back to his cell after the daily one hour of physical activity. He knocked over a desk and a monitor. He threw trays at officers before he was subdued. Pitts grabbed a cup of urine from inside a cabinet and threw it at officers.

He was charged with two counts of felony aggravated battery and felony criminal damage to government property.

Pitts said he feared for his life in the jail and wanted to be moved to a different facility.

On Nov. 16, Pitts was brought to the courthouse in a restraint chair for a hearing on that case after refusing to appear on closed circuit TV or in court on three previous court dates.

On the lam

Pitts has been in jail since April after his arrest on a warrant issued Dec. 4, 2017, when he failed to appear for a court date on a delivery of controlled substance charge.

Pitts fled the area, the state and the country.

He started taunting sheriff’s police and Sheriff Mike Downey, in particular, by providing vague descriptions of his whereabouts, which included Guatemala and Mexico.

Pitts created fictitious Facebook accounts under other names — including sheriff’s employees — and sent emails in an effort to mock law enforcement.

Pitts was apprehended in Guatemala when he attempted to renew his passport.

Individuals cannot renew a passport when they have a warrant for their arrest.

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