Cleveland holds first community meeting

September 30, 2018

The city of Cleveland held its first community meeting last Thursday at the Cleveland Civic Center to focus on code enforcement.

Carolyn McWaters, who was born and raised in Cleveland, attended the meeting and felt it was beneficial for the citizens to know the proper maintenance of their properties.

“It’s critical because that’s what people are looking at when they come to our town,” said McWaters. “We have people in place that are working hard to get everything done in our town. As citizens any little thing that all of us can do to make it better, that’s what were working for.

Kelly Lawrence, who works with the city of Cleveland’s code enforcement, displayed a power point presentation that showed the citizens the proper way to maintain there properties when it comes to trash, outdoor storage and junked motor vehicles.

Lawrence believes it’s vital to let the citizens know about the rules of code enforcement.

“Code enforcement through education is important,’ said Williams, who has worked for the city for 14 months. “Not everybody knows that they are violating city ordinances and they aren’t doing it intentionally. It takes someone who comes from the city to give a presentation and here people out on the problems they’re facing. We’re going around to each part of the town letting everybody know.”

Citizens who attended the meeting thanked Lawrence for doing his part making sure that the city is kept clean.

They also told Lawrence what problems they were having on their property and discussed the proper way to handle certain situations.

Citizens were also impressed with the photos on the power point presentation that showed how simple maintenance can make a garbage area look better.

“Kelly (Lawrence) will absolutely get back with every one of these people he talked with,” McWaters said. “He’s very reliable and I’m looking forward to things improving in our town. All of these people will be talking about this meeting and it was very beneficial. We had a great crowd and more people will come to the next meeting.”

Lawrence is looking forward to getting more work done in Cleveland and having help from the community.

If I can organize and get a turnout like this, it’s worth it to have another meeting,” Lawrence said. “I do my part to lend to help people in Cleveland. This is a growing town and we want it to look great for the people that live here and who are visiting.”


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