Eagle eye lands Mohave a gem: Burgess’ newbie recruit Rediger flying high — already

December 15, 2018

BULLHEAD CITY — The Mohave High School girls wrestling team is three weeks into its first season as an Arizona Interscholastic Association-sanctioned wrestling program, the AIA’s inaugural girls wrestling season.

Mohave head coach Kory Burgess said the Lady T-birds are one of 25 full girls teams competing in AIA Division I.

Sixteen student-athletes comprise Burgess’ girls wrestling team, and the fourth-year Mohave head wrestling coach has recruited anytime, anywhere prior to the season to build such a large roster this season.

Mohave 110-pound sophomore co-captain Angelina Rediger did not embrace the sport immediately, and it took a little coaxing from Burgess to woo her into his program.

“Burgess actually talked me into it because I wasn’t actually planning on doing it at all,” Rediger said. “At the booth for registration, he talked me into it. He said, ‘You should do it.’ ”

The novice girls grappler quipped that Burgess “promised me food” to wrestle.

When asked if the “food” would hurt Rediger’s weight-watching efforts, Burgess said, “She doesn’t have that problem.”

Rediger has learned quickly while being a wrestling newbie.

Burgess said Rediger’s record is 8-3 while competing in two multis and one tournament this season.

“She has stepped up and is one of the leaders,” Burgess said. “She picks up the moves very fast.

“She works very hard and is very dedicated to what she does — and she is a natural and she is going to have a great season.”

Rediger did not know any of her Lady T-bird teammates before joining the team.

“I met all of the girls through wrestling,” she said. “Sometimes it’s challenging because I’m the smallest of the bunch, so I’ve got to be faster than a lot of the girls, but I think because I have to be faster that makes me better.

“It pushes me more, so I don’t quit as easily.”

Rediger added: “I didn’t realize how much you had to put into it.

“It’s all you — just you by yourself.”

CO-CAPTAINS: Seniors Jasmine Lobato, 135 pounds, and Tiffany Salahub, 130, along with Rediger, are the co-captains of the girls wrestling team.

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