Trade war isn’t making America great -- Dave Jenneke

August 18, 2018

Before Donald Trump announced his trade war, the world’s economy was doing quite well. Our farmers had markets and investors felt safe.

Now the farmers are losing their markets, and the stock markets are fluctuating with no stability for long-term growth. The $12 billion allocated to subsidize farmers may not be enough.

What will happen next year when the farmers have no money to invest in new equipment? Companies such as John Deere, already hit by foreign tariffs, are going to be hit again and so will dealers and repair shops.

Tariffs are meant to level the playing fields in international trade. But how can we expect our balance of trade to be equal? The United States is the largest consumer economy in the world. We are always going to have to import to meet our needs.

Trump is not “making America great again.” He is ruining our economy and making us the laughingstock of the rest of the world. He irritates our allies and cozies up to narcissistic tyrants. He acts like a jilted 14-year-old on Twitter.

We need Congress to act, and the GOP majority hasn’t. In November, vote for people who will stop this foolishness and “keep America great.”

Dave Jenneke, McFarland

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