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Government Says It Uncovers Plot To Murder Senior Officials

June 12, 1991

MANAGUA, Nicaragua (AP) _ The interior minister said Tuesday that authorities are investigating a reported plot to kill Nicaragua’s military chief and two senior officials in President Violeta Chamorro’s administration - including himself.

Interior Minister Carlos Hurtado, who is in charge of internal security, said he was one target; Antonio Lacayo, secretary of the presidency, was another, and Gen. Humberto Ortega, armed forces commander, was a third.

Ortega is the brother of Daniel Ortega, who preceded Mrs. Chamorro as president under the leftist Sandinista government.

Hurtado said the continuing investigation began last month.

He spoke to reporters briefly after meeting with visiting Spanish officials but gave no details.

Last Saturday, Lacayo said ″extremist groups″ opposed to Chamorro’s efforts to reconcile the opposition Sandinistas and former Contra rebels were involved in the plot.

Radio stations reported Saturday that at least one person was arrested Thursday night for allegedly firing shots at Lacayo’s residence, but no official involved would comment.

Last month, unidentified assailants fired several shots at a Managua hotel where Mrs. Chamorro was attending a wedding. No one was hurt and no arrests were reported, but several officials blamed the former rebels for the attack.

Both Lacayo and Ortega recently accused Vice President Virgilio Godoy and Managua mayor Arnold Aleman, both ultra-conseveratives, of encouraging former rebels in northern Nicaragua to rearm.

The two sympathize with some rebels who complain that the Chamorro administration has not given them land as promised when they demobilized.

Godoy is at odds with Mrs. Chamorro.

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