Pierzakowski wins Center Township Trustee race

November 7, 2018

La PORTE — Republican Lisa Pierzakowski was granted another term as Center Township Trustee.

Pierzakowski earned 57.71 percent of the vote on Tuesday while her opponent, Democrat Greg Wallen, fell with 42.29 percent of votes.

“I’m excited that we have another four years to continue what we were doing,” Pierzakowski said. “We have new ideas to implement, and are a very excited team. I’m mostly excited that my clients will continue to get the service they have been getting from us. That’s what is important to me.”

Also in Center Township, three candidates were elected as Township Board Members. Republican Robert Wellinski won the most votes earning, 23.95 percent.

Republican Amy Burris received 22.65 percent and was available to comment on her win.

“I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of votes that were cast,” Burris said. “I’m so excited to serve on the Township Board and be able to learn through the process. I’m glad that I get to see the new fire station through to completion. I’m so overwhelmed by how much support I received from the community, it’s really unbelievable. For me, this is the total package.

Democrat Scott “Scotty” Ford was also elected garnering 20.02 percent of votes.

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