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Lawmaker Shot And Killed, Another Wounded

November 8, 1995

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) _ Gunmen killed a newly-elected lawmaker and former bodyguard of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in a presumed armed robbery Tuesday.

Aristide charged the attackers were former soldiers who should have been disarmed by the multinational forces in Haiti.

Rep. Jean-Hubert Feuille was shot twice in the head in a midtown residential section of Port-au-Prince. A legislator friend with him, Rep. Gabriel Fortune, was shot in the shoulder and was undergoing surgery.

The two men had just been to a downtown bank when several gunmen in a car opened fire on their vehicle, said Pascal Nelson, 22, who spoke to the driver, Andre Rene Richard, minutes after the shooting.

Nelson said Richard told him the killers had stolen the lawmakers’ money and escaped in two vehicles. Radio Metropole, a private station, carried a similar account of the attack.

It then broadcast a recorded message from Aristide charging the attackers were ``members of the former military corps who are still killing, people who lost power and go on spilling blood.″

Aristide said such attacks continued because disarmament ``has not been done as it should.″

Armed robberies are quite common in Haiti, and people have been warned that attackers stake out banks in search of potential victims.

Aristide was elected in 1990 and ousted a year later by the military, which surrendered last year to a U.S.-led multinational army. The multinational force disbanded and largely disarmed the army, but thousands of guns remain unaccounted for.