Children, scared and confused, still separated from parents

September 24, 2018

What about all those kids who have been separated from their parents? That horrific issue seems to have been taken off the front page, and other Donald Trump “problems” have surfaced. The split families have faded into the background. Have we forgotten them and the issue? When will these kids be returned to their parents? We all need to question this because it seems to be going away and we cannot allow this to happen. This is America and this is not what we do — or at least not what we used to do before the national disgrace we cannot seem to shake.

Ron Siegel

Santa Fe

Focusing on kindness

In response to the op-ed letter by Frank Martinez (“Blame predators, not church,” Sept. 3), who whines that “the media attacking the Catholic Church” is unjust — it is simply illogical and contradictory when he contends that “the Catholic Church hasn’t committed these crimes and cover-ups.” The Catholic Church is as much to blame as the predators. When non-predators posit such nonsense, you are condoning and even perpetuating the age-old sexual abuses by saying, “It’s not the church’s fault.” It is the church’s fault, by the very act of cover-ups at every level.

Thank goodness for the investigative media that you denounce for exposing it and for naming the individuals in the Catholic Church who have escaped prosecution and have been allowed to continue sexually abhorrent behavior. Kindness, generosity and tolerance are innate virtues that can arise naturally without any religion at all. Just focus on that and avoid trashing our precious free press, while we still have one, that can expose wrongdoings on many fronts.

Claudia B. Wolfe

Santa Fe

Birthday wishes

Monday marks the birthday of my daughter, Roberta M. Montoya, who went missing in June 1986 (“A decade of fear,” Dec. 31, 2017). The last phone call I had from her was on June 19, 1986. She would call three to four times a week, but after June 19, I never heard from her again. I continued looking for her until some of her remains were found along Old Las Vegas Highway in April 1987. When the police called and confirmed the remains belonged to my daughter, that was the worst day of my life. To this day, there has been no justice for my daughter. To this day, the murder of my daughter goes unsolved.

Roberta, how I wish you were here. I miss you so much. I think of you always. I pray for justice for you.

Margie Sandoval

Irvine, Calif.

No double drilling

I strongly oppose, like many other New Mexicans, Hilcorp Energy Co.’s request for “double drilling” the number of gas wells per square mile in the area below our beautiful New Mexico methane hot spot (“Drilling company pushes for more wells,” Sept. 11).

New Mexico has the potential to become the solar capital of the nation, with wind a fantastic second option. Our state has been held back by regressive policies under the Martinez administration far too long. New Mexicans will not tolerate this into the next decade. Complicity with such actions endanger us all.

Pamela Canyonrivers Marshall


Remember Debbie

I was surprised to read the article ( “Railyard celebrates first decade: A people’s place,” Sept. 14) and discover it didn’t mention former Santa Fe Mayor Debbie Jaramillo. We rely on newspapers to provide historical context. Perhaps the reporter should have read the recent edition of the Santa Fe Reporter with Debbie’s picture on the cover. Leaving her name out of your Railyard article, not having her picture displayed at City Hall — these snubs do not change the facts. Debbie is a flawed human being like the rest of us. She had a vision and has a deep love for her community. I was so happy to see her a few years ago in the Santa Fe Farmers Market pavilion and be able to thank her for her vision that led to our standing in that community space.

Dena Aquilina

Santa Fe

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