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Oregon Guardsman Calls Wife from Saudi Arabia with Attack Underway

January 17, 1991

PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) _ The battle with Iraq had started when the wife of a National Guardsman stationed in Saudi Arabia got a surprise telephone call - her husband was dialing from an air raid bunker near the Kuwaiti border.

Don Harryman made the connection about a half-hour after international forces launched air attacks inside Iraq and Kuwait, said his father, Bud Harryman of Newberg.

Harryman, who has two soldier sons in the Persian Gulf, said he was amazed the call could get through.

″The war is going on and you’re talking to people on the telephone right in the middle of it,″ he said.

Mike Harryman, 32, is a National Guard maintenance worker stationed near his 30-year-old brother, who directs military cargo and personnel arriving in the Middle East.

″(Don) has talked to Mike since the war started,″ Harryman said. ″Mike and his people are about 20 minutes away. (Don) has told us that they’re in a bunker ... and that’s where Mike was headed, too.″

The elder Harryman got his own call from Don about an hour later. His son had left the bunker and was watching news reports on CNN, his father said. No Iraqi counterattack was apparent from his position, Harryman said.

The father left to fret at home in suburban Portland said his war worries were too strong to be expressed.

″I’m hanging in there,″ he said. ″I don’t know what I could tell you other than that.″

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