Katya Lyon: Jones is a bully

August 29, 2018


Jennifer Esposito-Jones’ latest escapade of leaving a threatening voice message for our county attorney and his chief deputy, using the F word, shows her lack of class and integrity. She’s previously been handcuffed and put in the back of a patrol car five times, once for “flipping off” a council member after a meeting. She’s not the sweet little blue eyed all American gal in her campaign photo. Her mugshot shows the real Jennifer Esposito-Jones.

She is a cruel and vicious cyber bully. She spends countless hours every day on social media doing a background search on anyone who opposes her and then posts criminal and civil court records, bankruptcy, business, and other personal information about them on numerous Facebook sites.

She placed her campaign signs directly in front of Paul Mosley’s signs, blocking his from view. That’s childish and shows she lacks integrity. Her own supporters have begged her to stop bullying people. She refuses to do so. Do we want someone this vindictive, this cruel, this narcissistic representing us? Beware the wolf in sheep’s clothing, folks!

Katya Lyon

Dolan Springs

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