Modern design of new therapy space allows more personalized care at The Buckingham

August 17, 2018

For older adults who suffer a significant injury or illness, the prospect of rehabilitation can be intimidating. Physical discomfort can often be compounded by uneasiness of unfamiliar surroundings and an uncertain path ahead.

At The Buckingham, a dedicated team of certified physical, occupational and speech therapists looks to ease this trepidation through a holistic, resident-centered approach to treatment and recovery.

“We really prioritize face-to-face interactions. Our residents love the continuity of care we provide,” said Lauren Jung, The Buckingham’s director of rehabilitation for the last three years. “These relationships are so strong. We have people who transition to other areas of our community just so they can continue to see their specific therapist.”

At any given time, Jung and her team support 60 to 70 short and long-term rehabilitation residents. Private suites, two fully equipped therapy gyms and one-on-one guidance offer each resident a highly personalized care experience.

The newest therapy area was designed as part of The Buckingham’s recent $72 million expansion. It includes a mock apartment, mock stairs, a full kitchen, adjustable tables, two bathrooms, a shower, a washer and dryer, outdoor courtyard access and traditional physical therapy equipment such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation and resistance bikes.

Jung says the convenience of having these different resources in one place not only helps residents heal and strengthen, but also better prepares them to meet and adapt to the tasks and challenges of daily life.

“We like to say physical therapy helps people get from point A to point B, but once you get to B what’s next? That’s occupational therapy,” added Jung. “Physical therapy gets you to the fridge; occupational therapy helps you prepare the meal once you get there.”

For more information, visit the community at 8580 Woodway in Houston, call 713-364-8959 or visit RetireBuckingham.com.

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