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Former KLA Leader Fatally Shot

May 8, 2000

PRISTINA, Yugoslavia (AP) _ A former regional commander of the disbanded Kosovo Liberation Army was shot and killed today in the southern town of Prizren, peacekeepers and U.N. police reported.

Ekrem Rexha, better known by his nickname Drini, was the former KLA commander for southern Kosovo. He was killed outside his home.

U.N. police said Drini had been serving in the local Prizren government as the director of environmental policies.

After the arrival of NATO-led peacekeepers, Drini gave German officers maps of minefields planted by the rebels_ most near the Albanian border _ as required under the peace agreement.

Meanwhile, four Kosovo Serbs, including two 11-year-old girls, were attacked Sunday in Kosovska Vitina village, 20 miles southeast of the capital, Pristina, peacekeepers and Serb officials in the province said today.

A spokesman for the NATO-led peacekeeping force said the four were attacked in a park by people carrying AK-47 automatic rifles. He said American peacekeepers went to the park after they heard the shooting.

They sealed off the area and later detained three people.

The local Serb council condemned the shooting and called it a ``terrorist attack.″

The four Serbs were all of the same family, Belgrade’s state-run Tanjug news agency later reported. One victim, Dobri Kojic, 34, had been injured once before, in a Jan. 27 bombing of the store where he worked. He had recently been discharged from hospital.

According to Tanjug, the two girls and a female relative of the family were not seriously wounded.

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