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March 31, 1989

FREDONIA, N.Y. (AP) _ Others parlors may have more flavors, but where but at Scott Aldrich’s can you get a baloney ice cream cone?

″Free cones or dishes, to anyone who wants them,″ Aldrich said. ″If they want more, we sell it to them.″

Aldrich scoops up the most stomach-turning concoctions he can think of each April Fool’s Day at his Aldrich Beef and Ice Cream Parlor, 40 miles southeast of Buffalo.

This year, the flavor is baloney.

The first, ten years ago, was beef gravy ice cream, and notable mixtures since have included pork and beans, mustard-ketchup swirl and minestrone.

Chocolate spaghetti, made by mixing spaghetti noodles into a vat of chocolate ice cream, actually tasted good, he said.

Beef gravy, on the other hand, was the all-time grossest.

″The taste really stayed in your mouth all day,″ Aldrich said this week.


CONCORD, N.H. (AP) - Some uninvited guests appeared at a 70th birthday party for a schoolteacher’s aide.

Cammie Morrison was the center of attention Thursday as she blew out the 70 candles on a huge birthday cake in a room full of teachers, parents and children. No one noticed that the cake was right under a smoke alarm.

″The room was full of people, and when I blew out the candles on the cake, the firemen came,″ she said.

An unexpected souvenir of the party, Morrison said, is a photograph of one of the firefighters kissing her on the cheek.