NEW YORK (AP) _ Charles Scribner Jr., the longtime head of Charles Scribner's Sons book publishing company who was once Ernest Hemingway's personal editor, has died of pneumonia. He was 74.

Scribner died Saturday at a New York City nursing home after suffering from a degenerative neurological disorder for 10 years, said his son Charles Scribner III.

Charles Scribner Jr. succeeded his father in 1952 as head of the family publishing house, which his great-grandfather founded in 1846. Scribner ran the New York-based company until 1984, when it was acquired by Macmillan.

Scribner was Hemingway's personal editor and publisher in the last portion of the writer's career. He also was a trustee of Princeton University and president of the American Book Publishers Council, an industry group from 1966 to 1968.

His memoirs, ``In the Company of Writers: A Life in Publishing'' were published in 1991.

In addition to Charles Scribner III, Scribner is survived by his wife, Joan, and two other sons, Blair Sunderland Scribner and John Scribner.