Darrell King: Be civilized

May 13, 2019

Editor: A recent letter-writer said U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar made a point about how some Muslims became terrorists and attacked us and then all Muslims suffered because of it.

That is not what she said. She said “some people did something”. The writers went on to say Fox News and others made it sound like she was being flippant about the deaths on 9/11. Fox didn’t make it sound flippant, Omar did.

This isn’t the first time Omar has made seriously controversial statements, and it probably won’t be the last time. The writer says the president is supposed to be the president of all Americans. I agree. However, we have heard many Americans say “he’s not my president.”

The letter writer’s resistance to the attorney general’s choice of words that the FBI may have “spied” on the Trump campaign is clearly based on his own anti-Trump bias. The legal authority to do surveillance on the Trump campaign was based on a lie. A made-up story, a dossier that proved to be untrue.

The writer talks about corruption among high officials. He uses Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross as an example. Ross is in the Trump administration. God forbid that Cantlon use U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters as his example. The fact that she was accused of using her political influence to save her husband’s very large investment in a likely failing bank probably doesn’t matter to people like the letter writer.

Darrell King