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Informant’s Parents Killed in Italy

April 29, 1998

NAPLES, Italy (AP) _ Two gunmen on a motor scooter shot and killed the parents of a mafia turncoat Wednesday as the couple drove down a narrow street in a Naples suburb, Italian news reports said.

Maria Rosaria Abbate, 48, who was driving the family truck, was shot in the head and died en route to the hospital, the reports said. Her husband, Raffaele Ciotola, 54, tried to run away, but the assailants shot him twice from behind.

Police said the shooting was typical ``Camorra execution style.″ The Camorra organized crime syndicate controls drug trafficking, prostitution, extortion and other lucrative rackets around Naples in southern Italy.

The killings were presumably an act of revenge, because the couple’s 28-year-old son, Mario Ciotola, was a former gangster who betrayed the Camorra clan by becoming a government informant.

Chief anti-Mafia prosecutor Pier Luigi Vigna said mobster violence in the Naples area had reached a ``level of extreme danger.″ Hundreds of mobsters have become turncoats in recent years, prompting fellow mobsters to take revenge on their relatives.

Vigna said 50 mob-related murders had been committed this year in the Naples area.

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