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When Fred Nolan Jr. escaped from the pol

October 10, 1997

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) _ When Fred Nolan Jr. escaped from the police station, he was still wearing handcuffs.

On Wednesday, he returned the cuffs _ by mail.

``Unfortunately, the envelope had no return address,″ police spokesman Dick Cottam deadpanned.

Nolan was brought in Monday on a burglary warrant and was sitting alone in an interview room when he disappeared, probably by covering the cuffs with his jacket and walking out, police said.

Nolan has been convicted 28 times, mostly for burglary, theft and possession of stolen property. He is now wanted for escape.


DEN HELDER, Netherlands (AP) _ Some sailors complain they’re seeing too much of the women serving at a naval base here.

The Dutch navy has ordered the woman to draw their curtains when they undress. The order said that men on assignment from foreign countries, especially Muslim areas, were distracted and offended by the sight of the disrobing Dutch marines.

About 170 female officers and sailors live in a women-only barracks. Many don’t bother to draw their curtains when they change clothes, and are clearly visible from other buildings, the daily De Telegraaf reported Thursday.

The women ``are not always aware of how possible it is to peek in from other parts of the base,″ the order said.

Sailors from Greece, the United Arab Emirates and other foreign countries frequently dock at the base. Some have complained about seeing too much skin, military officials said.

``They have other cultural and religious standards,″ the order said.


TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) _ People are teeing off on Mayor Carty Finkbeiner.

The mayor’s likeness has been placed on golf balls being sold for $10 for three. Walter Tucker got the idea when a city worker said while they were golfing together that he wanted to ``tee off on Carty.″

``He’s one of the guys we love to hate,″ Tucker said. ``I thought I could probably sell some, especially right about now.″

The likeness of the mayor is a drawing based on a photograph. Finkbeiner is not pleased about having his image slapped around golf courses, but said he has no choice.

``This is a free country. It wouldn’t make any difference if I did object,″ he said. ``I’d like a percentage of the profits.″


PITTSBURGH (AP) _ A 15-year-old boy’s letter to a pen-pal could land him more time in the pen.

William Michalowski was in the middle of writing a detailed list of his crimes in a letter to a detention-center inmate when police burst in on him Tuesday.

``Maybe we should have waited another five minutes for him to finish the letter so we could see what else he’s been doing,″ said Detective Joseph Meyers.

Police had been looking for Michalowski since he escaped last month while being transferred between detention centers.

In the two-page letter, riddled with expletives and spelling and grammatical errors, Michalowski discussed how he robbed a convenience store, burglarized three homes and stole about seven cars in the 33 days he had been evading police, Meyers said. Michalowski faces adult charges on multiple counts because of the letter.

``It was hysterical,″ Meyers said. ``I was dumbfounded. I showed it to (a partner) and was ready to give him a hug.″

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