How to recycle your Christmas tree in Aiken

December 29, 2018

Christmas has come to an end for 2018, but many residents still haven’t had the heart to take down their tree and decorations.

Some holiday lovers may try to keep their Christmas tree up for as long as they possibly can, but, at some point, the trees must come down – especially if it is a real tree sitting.

When the time comes, there are a few options for local residents looking to get rid of tree as swiftly and painlessly as possible.

City of Aiken residents can place their tree in the street in front of their home, along with their garbage. A truck will come by on their specified garbage day, scoop the tree up and take it away – no questions asked.

North Augusta residents can also have their trees picked up with their trash through the City of North Augusta’s Tree-Cycle Program. Sanitation workers in North Augusta are scheduled to pick up Christmas trees from Jan. 7-10, according to the city’s website.

There are also options for environmentally-conscious residents interested in recycling their Christmas tree rather than throwing it away.

Dumpster Depot is offering its annual Christmas tree recycling on Saturday, Jan. 5, at its offices located at 2063 University Parkway in Aiken.

Workers will be at the site to take each tree, but residents are reminded to remove all tinsel, lights and other decorations from the trees before they will be accepted.

Norman Dunagan, owner of Dumpster Depot, encourages people to bring their trees to be recycled and reused, rather than throwing them away.

“Over the years, our tree recycle day has just gotten bigger and bigger,” Dunagan said. “We expect to see a lot of trees brought in for recycling, where they will be used in local fish habitats. This process of tree recycling helps keep lakes and ponds vibrant and healthy.”

Dumpster Depot will take as many trees as are dropped off on pick-up day, he said.

Gravatt Camp and Conference Center, 1006 Camp Gravatt Road in Aiken, is also offering a similar tree-recycling option for City of Aiken residents interested in having their tree picked up.

Officials with the camp are planning to also use any recycled trees as fish habitats in their lakes.

Trees are scheduled to be collected in Aiken from Jan. 3-10, and the camp has a goal to collect 50 Christmas trees, said Thomas Coleman, director of facilities and environmental stewardship at Camp Gravatt.

The camp has already received many calls for tree pick-up as of Friday.

Camp workers will retrieve the trees directly, but anyone interested needs to make arrangements soon as officials will be collecting a maximum number of trees, Coleman said.

Arrangements for tree pick up or drop off can be made by emailing thomas@campgravatt.org.

For more information about Dumpster Depot, visit dumpsterdepotllc.com or call 803-644-6004.

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