Waymart Native Drops Title Bout During Card At Genetti Manor

March 24, 2019

DICKSON CITY — Fighting for a championship in his debut while giving up six inches in height was a little too tall of a task for Matthew Feldman.

Feldman dropped a close decision to Cory Dandy in a 201-pound championship fight at the Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Central District semifinals Saturday in front of a crowd of 920 at Genetti Manor. The majority of the fights Saturday were semifinals but with no one else in the weight class, Feldman and Dandy competed for the championship of the Central District. The rest of the championship finals are set for March 30 at Genetti Manor.

Feldman of Waymart pushed forward throughout the fight. He landed a nice left to the body in the first round and followed with a jab and a strong straight right. Later in the round, Dandy caught Feldman with a solid right.

Dandy started to land more in the second round. He missed an uppercut but followed with a strong left and then caught Feldman with a right as he was coming in.

In the third round, Feldman bulled Dandy against the ropes and landed a few shots to the body. But Dandy answered with a few strong right hands that drew an 8-count. The two fighters were tied up for a good portion of the fight and were warned a few times for wrestling.

First win

Dustin Reese earned his first win with a victory on points in a non-tournament bout against William Powell.

Reese, a student at Wyoming Area, was constantly pushing forward, pressuring his opponent in a fight between two 123-pound southpaws.

“Normally it’s harder to fight a righty so this was easier,” Reese said. “And I trained against other lefties so I was used to it.”

Late in the second round, Powell slipped a punch and landed a big right. Reese started the third round with a good quick right hand and continued to apply pressure. Reese displayed a strong right hand in the fight and he had an explanation for that.

“I’m a righty,” he said. “I fight lefty because it feels better on my feet. I make it work.”

Close decision

Dominick Passariello dropped a close fight on points to Alask Dev in a 132-pound fight.

Passariello came out of his corner on fire to start the fight. The Old Forge native threw a barrage of punches on his much taller opponent. But Dev weathered the storm and used his reach advantage to create distance and he caught Passariello with a solid left late in the round.

In the second round, Dev starting catching Passariello more from a distance. Passariello continued to pressure but Dev was able to land as he pushed forward. Late in the round, Passariello landed a huge right hand that drew an 8-count.

Passariello also connected with a good right hand in the beginning of the third round but Dev answered with a couple of rights to earn the win on points.

Next up

Promoter Doug Long announced a professional/amateur boxing card is set for June 1 at Genetti Manor. The card will be the first for Long in a new partnership with promoter Marshall Kaufman. Kaufman runs King Promotions in Reading and has been training fighters since 1995. In 2016, King Promotions had 14 televised cards on several networks including ESPN and Fox Sports 1. Long, who has known Kaufman for 30 years, said he formed the partnership with hopes of bringing a televised card back to the Scranton area.

“The time is right,” Long said. “I’ve moved the ball to the goal line and I want to move it over the line. I needed the right person with me to go to the next level. It was the right decision at the right time.”

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