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Escapees Sought In Tennessee, Others Captured in California, Rhode Island

September 8, 1986

Undated (AP) _ One inmate was killed when five prisoners broke out of jail in Tennessee, and a California escapee convicted of killing a 10-year-old girl by burying her alive was recaptured when a plainclothes officer recognized him at a pay phone.

In Rhode Island, a convicted killer was recaptured without incident four days after he escaped by oiling his body and squeezing through a 7-inch-wide window in his high-security prison cell.

A guard shot and killed Ronald G. Kaywood, 26, during Sunday night’s break- out at the Morgan County Regional Correctional Facility at Wartburg, Tenn., said Correction Department spokesman John Taylor. Two other inmates were recaptured within hours and two prisoners remained at large today, he said.

Kaywood was serving 100 years for aggravated rape, robbery and grand larceny out of Sullivan County, he said.

About 100 officers aided by a helicopter and four dogs searched the mountainous terrain around the prison today for the last two escapees.

Taylor identified the two still at large as Clint Melton, 28, who was serving 45 years for rape and armed robbery, and Harold Pack, 29, who entered the prison in January to serve a five-year sentence for parole violation. He was orginally convicted on receiving stolen property charges.

Taylor said the inmates cut through two fences, each with razor ribbon wire strung across the top and through the middle, by using a pair of wire cutters that apparently were smuggled into the prison. They were spotted by a guard just outside the fence.

″A correction officer in a tower saw some movement near the fence. He fired a warning shot into the air and fired several other warning shots to the ground. Then he fired when the person kept running,″ he said.

At Lake Elsinore, Calif., a San Bernardino County deputy using a pay phone recognized escapee Brian Keith Smith when he walked up to use another phone. Smith, 25, was arrested without incident.

″That was fantastic. We call that lucky,″ San Bernardino County sheriff’s Detective Chico Rosales said Saturday after the arrest.

Smith escaped Thursday during a county jail visit with his mother, stepfather and a family friend. It was his second escape in three months.

″Considering he’s a convicted murderer, kidnapper and child molester, it was a long time,″ Rosales said of the nearly two-day search. ″It was nerve- racking for us.″

Smith was convicted June 30 of first-degree murder involving torture and kidnap in the death of a 10-year-old girl who was bound, gagged, wrapped in a sleeping bag and placed in an ice chest that was buried in the desert. He later led police to her body. The prosecution has sought a sentence of life without possibility of parole; sentencing is set for Sept. 11.

In Coventry, R.I., convicted killer James R. Silvia was recaptured without incident late Sunday in a back yard, four days after he escaped through the narrow window at the state Adult Correctional Institution’s Supermax unit.

Silvia was serving a 170-year term for second-degree murder, an earlier escape attempt, assaults and other crimes. If all his prison terms were consecutive, he would be serving 240 years. Authorities said he has made several escape attempts, including one during a 1975 courthouse appearance in which he stabbed five court officers.

It was the second escape this year from the Supermax unit, considered the prison’s most secure section. Silvia’s escape prompted corrections officials to expedite the use of $750,000 for additional security measures.

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