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Woman Surrenders After Holding Sports Psychologist Hostage

July 27, 1988

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) _ A woman with a target pistol held top sports psychologist Jeff Bond hostage for nearly 2 1/2 hours Tuesday and about six shots were fired before she released him unharmed and surrendered, police said.

The siege took place at the Australian Institute of Sport, where Bond holds consultations. The Australian psychologist works closely with many of this nation’s leading athletes, including former Wimbledon tennis champion Pat Cash.

The woman was reported to be a member of the Australian pistol shooting team, but police would not confirm that. Police spokesman Sgt. Bill Mackey said police would question the woman, who was not identified.

Mackey said he did not know if she had been dropped from the Australian Olympic shooting team, as local radio stations reported.

Public relations officer John Purnell said the woman, a shooter and part- time student studying for a Ph.D., went to consult Bond at the institute’s Sports Science and Medical Center late Tuesday afternoon.

Mackey said that a short time later, the psychologist called in a doctor because ″a difficult situation was developing.″

The police spokesman said a shot was fired, apparently from the target pistol the woman had taken with her, and the doctor ran from the room and called police.

Mackey said he believed up to five more shots were fired.

The area was evacuated during the siege, while Bond was held captive. The woman made only one demand, asking for a hot meal.

About 30 police were at the scene and set up road blocks.

″The main thing is that everyone is out safely,″ Mackey said when the crisis ended.

Bond is widely credited with having been a major figure behind the scenes in Cash’s men’s singles triumph at the 1987 Wimbledon championships.

Earlier this month, Bond was with Cash in London when the player lost at Wimbledon.

Bob Hobson, director of Institute Corporate Services, said about 300 athletes now are active at the institute, with an additional 170 administrators, coaches and staff.

He estimated that more than 100 of the athletes were members of the Australian Olympic squad preparing for the Seoul Games in September.

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