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Startling Discovery: Bean Sprouting in Girl’s Ear

June 28, 1993

KENNEWICK, Wash. (AP) _ Anita Tonn thought her daughter said someone put a ″bee″ in her ear.

″I looked in there and didn’t see anything,″ Mrs. Tonn said last week. ″You know how kids are - you just kind of humor them.″

About three weeks later, 6-year-old Paris complained of an earache and her sister made the startling discovery. A bean had germinated and was sprouting in her ear canal.

A boy at Paris’ day care center apparently peeled a bean they were playing with and stuck it in her ear. The girl’s efforts to dislodge it just pushed it farther in.

Doctors at the emergency room where Mrs. Tonn took Paris, told her that the bean was lodged too far in the ear canal for them to remove.

It was removed by a specialist last Monday.

The Tonn’s salvaged the sprout and planted it in their garden. They plan to give a clipping to each grandmother.

″People at the office said we should have just let it grow and we could have pulled it out like a weed,″ Mrs. Tonn joked.

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