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President Ends Vacation

November 29, 1987

WASHINGTON (AP) _ President Reagan ended a Thanksgiving weekend vacation Sunday and returned to the White House to prepare for his summit with Soviet leader Mikhail S. Gorbachev.

The president and his wife, Nancy, returned to Washington shortly before 5 p.m. EST.

Reagan, in an interview prepared for broadcast over the weekend with British television journalist David Frost, talked of his determination to sign an agreement with the Soviets sharply curbing the superpowers’ arsenals of long-range, or strategic, missiles.

″I want to get those done,″ Reagan said.

The president, as he has before, talked of the catastrophic results of any nuclear exchange or attack, and repeated that the time had come to renounce the so-called doctrine of ″mutual assured destruction″ - the notion that building up nuclear stockpiles actually advances the likelihood these weapons will not be used because neither side could win.

Reagan said continued adherence to this doctrine could lead to both the United States and the Soviet Union ″getting blown up by nuclear weapons.″

The United States and the Soviet Union have completed work on an intermediate-range nuclear forces (INF) treaty, which Reagan and Gorbachev expect to sign during their Dec. 8-10 summit in Washington.

But Reagan has said he wants to halve the superpowers’ arsenal of long- range, intercontentinal ballistic missiles, before he leaves office in early 1989.

The two sides have talked of a Reagan visit to Moscow next year, as a follow-up to Gorbachev’s Washington visit.

Reagan on Monday will give a speech to a Heritage Foundation luncheon, and he is expected to assure conservatives there that he will not give Gorbachev the upper hand in arms-control bargaining.

On Tuesday, the president will travel to Jacksonville, Fla., to give an address to Du Val County High School parents and seniors.

He also will renew his appeal for quick congressional action to enact the $75 billion, two-year program of deficit-reduction that he had worked out Nov. 20 with congressional leaders.

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