Orchids and Onions: Thursday, February 28, 2019

February 28, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids of welcome to the Canadian kids using our clear Havasu skies training in American Beechcraft planes to learn to defend America from Russian bombers. Thanks. Enjoy our weather!

Onions to the onion about whistling Dixie being racist. It is not: on April 10, 1865, one day after Robert E. Lee surrendered, Abraham Lincoln said that Dixie was “one of the best tunes I have ever heard” but that “we have fairly captured it” and that it was our “lawful prize” according to his Attorney General, James Speed. Sadly, five days later, Lincoln was dead, but both Yankee Doodle, and Dixie belong the Union and are all of ours thanks to him, and it is not racist. Jay W

Orchids to Kalen Marshall at Anderson Toyota for being so patient with me while I was looking for a car. She went completely out of her way and beyond anything she needed to do to help me. I would 100 percent recommend going to see her if you need a vehicle. – Erin

Onions to the postal carrier on Swordfish Drive. Even a five year old child can properly close a mail box. When you leave it open, my mail can be blown away or get wet when it rains.

Orchids to Jamie at BaBaLoo Lounge. Your friendliness was reason we continued to sit at the bar and order a 2nd round.

Onions to those that complain about the so called “snowbird” drivers. Maybe you should watch the way those who have Arizona plates drive. They surely don’t know what the turn signal lever is for in their vehicle, must be color blind when it comes to red lights at intersections, and somehow feel that it’s okay to go 10 miles over a posted 25-30-35 mph speed limit because they’re always in a hurry. Look in the mirror before you complain.

Orchids to Preston and his crew at Vibrant Landscaping who provided excellent service and pricing for the yard remodel we completed here in LHC. They were clean, organized, polite, on time and always communicated throughout the project. You cannot go wrong with this crew. Jim and Rae Marie

Onions to people who no-show or give late cancellation to their beauty appointments. And if you do, the right thing to do it offer to pay for the appointment! Your beauty pro relies on clients making their appointments in order to make a living - so be respectful of their time.

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