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2 Dead in N.J. Hostage Incident

June 13, 2000

NEWARK, N.J. (AP) _ A man killed his wife and mother-in-law Tuesday by slashing their throats, then held his 9-year-old son hostage for several hours before surrendering, police said.

Ali Kemoum, believed to be in his early 50s, walked out of his home in the afternoon. The boy, also named Ali, was released unharmed about an hour before Kemoum gave up.

The dead women were found in the kitchen, Mayor Sharpe James said. They were identified as Amada Dominguez, Kemoum’s wife, and her mother, Carmen Dominguez. Amada Dominguez maintained a dental practice at the home.

The mayor said young Ali stopped an off-duty firefighter in front of the house shortly after 7 a.m. and said something about trouble. Kemoum then came outside, grabbed the boy and pulled him back inside, he said.

Police then kicked in the back door, where they saw two women lying on the blood-spattered kitchen floor. Kemoum fled upstairs with the boy.

Kemoum never threatened to kill his son, but talked a lot about killing himself, asking police ``to come in with machine guns″ and kill him, the mayor said.

The mayor said negotiators persuaded Kemoum to give up by telling him his son was asking for him at the hospital where he was taken.

Police Commissioner Joseph Santiago said there were tensions in the family that seemed to involve money.

Kemoum was a chemist but had been unable to find work in his field for five years and was working as a security guard, Santiago said.

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