TC Line: No Need for Turn Signal

January 10, 2019

Turn signals

I just had an elderly lady at the King Soopers on North Main tell me that she never uses her turn signals because everyone knows where she is going.

Prairie dog policy

If the prairie dog ordinance makes sense, why does the government need to exempt itself from its own policy?

All under siege

If everyone looks in the mirror and everyone is completely honest with himself, he will understand what it means for our national government to be a minority government. We are all under the same siege, so let not the silent majority remain silent.

Don’t want wall

A recent CBS poll shows 79 percent of the citizens do not want the wall. Another poll showed that even those that support it do not feel it’s a priority. Only Trump and his racist friends want the wall right now. Time to dump the Trump.

Gov. Polis

It’s interesting that Gov. Polis kept his homosexuality very quiet during the entire campaign, but it’s front and center now that he’s been elected. It’s a moment in history, all right — a sad moment.

Worried Democrats

You know how you can tell that Democrats are worried? Because they come out in droves with the talking points, every single one of them. I’ve seen 20 or 30 — CNN, HLN, all the ... commentators — spewing the same thing: “Oh, don’t believe this. This is all false. This is just a lie.” Just like the caravan was, right?

Dem obstruction

I am truly nauseated about everything I’m hearing about the shutdown. Let’s be honest, and let’s be blunt. It’s all because the Democrats do not want Trump to have any wins in his basket. They are obstructing what the country needs to move forward. It’s time for them to stop.

Dems didn’t act

Obama and the Democrats had years to do something about border security, and they didn’t act. People are still being killed, and drugs are flowing into the country. Enough is enough.

Ignorant? Not

Perhaps if we were in pre-internet times, I could agree that kids could be so stupid that they are ignorant about the meaning of socialism. In my day, the best we could do was consult an outdated encyclopedia. Today the explosion of information precludes the media hiding anything. I think it is the caller that is devoid of information. Democratic socialists are capable of earning degrees.

Government branches

Mitch McConnell of the U.S. Senate shows us how the Constitution is not supposed to work. The legislative and executive branches are coequal. No house of Congress should or can be the manservant to the White House. The Senate can vote down a House bill, then negotiate with the House, or did McConnell fail to read that part? Senators can be impeached too.

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