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List of Survivors of DC-10 Crash

July 21, 1989

CHICAGO (AP) _ Here are the names of 176 surviving passengers of the crash of a United Airlines’ DC-10 near Sioux City, Iowa. The names were provided by United and from reports from survivors’ families; ages and hometowns were gathered from a variety of sources.

The list released Thursday by the airline does not include the names of the 10 crew members and two non-working crew members who were aboard the plane and survived. But the names of the cockpit crew had been released earlier by an airline spokesman; the flight attendant listed was identified by her parents.

United also said there may be other survivors whose identities it has not confirmed.

United said it was not releasing the names of the dead until deaths had been confirmed and families had been notified.


Capt. Al C. Haynes, Seattle

First officer W.R. Records

Second officer D.J. Dvorak

Virginia Jane Murray, 35, Pineville, N.C., flight attendant


Dede Alexander

Peter Allen

Lydia Atwell, 32, Santa Fe, N.M.

Andreana Badis

Ellen Badis

Eric Badis

Erin Badis

Brandon Bailey

Randy Bailey

Spenser Bailey

Martha Bartz

Kathy Batson

Brad Bayless

Sharon Bayless

Brent Bealer

Ellie Beck

Debi Belliveau, 40, Michigan City, Ind.

Bruce Benham, 37, Littleton, Colo.

John Berger

A. Berger

David Bradley, Pickerington, Ohio

Debbie Bradley, Pickerington, Ohio

Judy Brazell

Kathy Bressieux

Y. Brownstein

Carolyn Chapman

Gene Chimura

Melanie Cincala, 17, Sylvania, Ohio

Carmen Clayton

Cynthia Goodstein Cleland, Charleston, S.C.

Martha Conant

Gladys Cooper

Margo Crain

Gary Dean

Harlon ″Gerry″ Dobson, 46, Pittsgrove Township, N.J.

Tom Dufault

Shawn Edwards, 9, Oregon City, Ore.

T. Eilers

Vincenta Eley, Lima, Ohio

Wilbur Eley, 79, Lima, Ohio

Thomas Engler, 41, Naperville, Ill.

Paul Fast, 42, Lexington, Ky.

Tony Feeney, 14, Casper, Wyo.

Denny Fitch

Dwayne Folkvord, 31, Denver

Harold Fong

(Infant) Fong

Amy Frazier

Verlin Frazier

Leah Gomez, 4, Bloomfield, N.M.

Paul Gomez, 7, Bloomfield, N.M.

Brad Griffin

Ryan Hardman

Shelley Hardman

Terri Hardman

John Hatch

Kevin Heckman, 27, Pandora, Ohio

Eric Hjermstad

Larry Hjermstad

Lisa Hjermstad

Jenny Hudspeth, 61, of Cheyenne, Wyo.

Ellen Hughes, Reading, Pa.

Thomas Hughes, Reading, Pa.

Thomas Jacoby

James Kahl, 42, North Huntingdon Township, Pa.

Jimmy Kahl, 14, North Huntingdon Township, Pa.

Mary Kahl, 41, North Huntingdon Township, Pa.

Michael Kielbassa

David Kinney

Elsie Kinney

Craig Koglan, 40, Denver, Colo.

David Landsberger, 40, Caldwell, N.J.

Shirley Lapalme, 52, Portland, Ore.

Benjamin Levine-Radtke, 8, Prairie View, Ill.

Donna Lewis

William Mackin

Robert Manz, Tiffin, Ohio

Lauren Marsh, 6, Jamestown, R.I.

Clifton Marshall, Ostrander, Ohio

Charlie Martz

Michael Matz

Ronald May

Molly McDonald

Mell McDonnell

Peter McInerney

Debbie McKelvey, Grand Junction, Colo.

Devon McKelvey, 5, Grand Junction, Colo.

Ryan McKelvey, 7, Grand Junction, Colo.

Jaqueline McCarthy

Kevin McCarthy

Donald McClory

Mike McMahon, Oregon City, Ore.

Russ Meyer

Andrew Michaelson, 4, Denver.

Douglas Michaelson, 6, Denver.

Lori Michaelson, Denver.

Mark Michaelson, Denver.

(Infant) Sabrina Michaelson, 1, Denver.

David Milford, 7, Indianapolis.

Jerry Milford, 37, Indianapolis.

R. Milford, 21, Marion, Ind.

Thomas Milford, 9, Indianapolis.

Jeff Miller

Dustin Mobley

Glenda Mobley

Jackie Mobley

Marie Mobley

Rusty Mobley

Brian Murray, 13, East Rapids, Mich.

Carol Murray, East Rapids, Mich.

Louis P. Murray, East Rapids, Mich.

Tim Murray, 12, East Rapids, Mich.

Barbara Musick

Donald Musick, 52, Fort Wayne, Ind.

Aki Muto

Juergen Nolte

Gayle Notgrass, Pine Bluffs, Wyo.

(Infant) Jimmy Notgrass, Pine Bluffs, Wyo.

F. Noyes

Ariel Nunez

Joe Oliver, 44, Lexington, Ky.

Paul Oliver, Palma Lake, Colo.

George Orians

E. Ornelas

Bruce Osenberg

Dena Osenberg

Ruth Ann Osenberg

Ruth Pearlstein of Grand Junction, Colo.

Sandy Pentland

Linda Pierce

Roman Popielak

Tom Postle, Newark, Ohio

Garry Priest, 23, Northglenn, Colo.

David Randa

Susan Randa

Upton Rehnberg

Amy Reynolds, 19, Moorcroft, Wyo.

Doug Reynolds, Moorcroft, Wyo.

William Robertson, 47, Wheaton, Ill.

Ron Rohde, Marysville, Ohio.

Jody Roth, Laramie, Wyo.

Melissa Roth, Laramie, Wyo.

Sumit Roy

Robert Ryan

Jerry Schemmel, Denver.

Alan Segal

William Sevy

Ron Sheldon, Granville, Ohio

Gittee Skaanes, 17, Trondheim, Norway

Robert Stcyr

Danny Sugrue, Chicago

John Transue

Donna Treber

Joe Trombello

Sylvia Tsao, Albuquerque, N.M.

Efram Upshaw

Martha Vazquez, 44, Elida, Ohio

Rodney Verner

Thomas Verner

Kay Verner

Rod Vetter

Sister Mary Viannea, 77, Chicago

Karl Walter

Marilyn Walter

Lindsey Werner

Margaret Werner

Joan Wernick

Peter Wernick

William Wernick

Robert Wolfe

Steven Willuweit

Velma Wright

Reported as survivors but not on United list:

Janice Tyrrell Brown, 47, Schaumberg, Ill., flight attendant.

Travis Roth, Laramie, Wyo.

Robin Walmsley, East Providence, R.I.

Susan White, 25, Wadsworth, Ohio, flight attendant.

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