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IBM Confirms Delaying Introduction of Workstation

September 20, 1991

NEW YORK (AP) _ International Business Machines Corp. confirmed Friday it is delaying until next year the introduction of an important workstation costing less than $10,000 that had been expected next month.

IBM spokeswoman Judy Radlinsky said the problem that caused the delay has been corrected, the company is testing the workstations and full production should begin next year.

″We were not expecting to do volume shipments of this in 1991 anyway,″ she said. ″We were looking for it in 1992. Now it will be a little bit later in ’92 than originally planned.″

The Wall Street Journal said the delay leaves IBM vulnerable at the low end of the market for workstations, which are desktop machines that resemble extremely powerful personal computers, one of the fastest growing segments of the computer industry. The Journal said the delay may prevent IBM from bidding on some contracts over the next few months.

It said Bill Filip, who runs the company’s workstation business, said in an interview that IBM recently had resolved a problem with a computer chip which helps handle the data flow to and from the central processor.

Filip was quoted as saying IBM had trouble getting the chip’s timing to mesh with the rest of the computer system.

He was quoted as saying that while the problem has been corrected, IBM won’t be able to produce more than a handful of test machines this year.

Manufacturing in volume won’t happen until well into the first quarter, the newspaper said.

The machine is called RISC System-6000. A workstation is more powerful than a personal computer and is often used by technical and scientific customers.

Ms. Radlinsky said the company is ″still on track to achieve our 1991 business objectives″ with the RS-6000 despite the delay. She said it will have no impact of 1982 results.


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