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BC-GA--Georgia Weekend Items,ADVISORY, GA

July 13, 2018


Here’s a list of Georgia stories expected to move so far for this weekend - July 14-15.

Moving Saturday


ATLANTA — State officials say most of the people killed by Georgia police officers in 2017 and 2018 had drugs in their system, including cocaine, meth and marijuana. Data obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows that out of 61 people killed by officers, 40 tested positive for a variety of drugs. With the number of deadly officer-involved shootings in Georgia on track to double 2017′s total, law officers are searching for reasons why — and they say drugs are a key issue in police shootings. But data from the autopsies does not indicate what role the drugs played in the encounters with police.

Information from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. UPCOMING: 350 words.

Moving Sunday


MACON, Ga. — Miles of central Georgia trails and some of Macon’s most prominent historic landmarks can now be toured online on Google Maps. Ocmulgee National Monument Superintendent Jim David says anyone with an internet connection can take a virtual journey to the top of the mounds and get 360-degree views of the places they’re walking. The Telegraph reports that the views were captured with a Google Street View Trekker— a 45-pound backpack with an attached pole topped with a green sphere holding eight cameras. The device was on loan from Google to the Ocmulgee National Monument Association, a nonprofit working to bring recognition to the 700-acre park that’s been occupied by humans since the Ice Age.

Information from The Telegraph. UPCOMING: 400 words.

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Moving Saturday


SAVANNAH, Ga. — A tortoiseshell kitten named Zoe is more than a pet for Cheri Mueller and Chris Gunter. She’s a symbol of the couple’s ongoing recovery from opioid addiction. “They told us we had to have an animal and a plant, and we’d be doing good in our sobriety if they were still alive after a year,” Mueller said.

By Mary Landers. The Savannah Morning News.

Moving Sunday


GAINESVILLE, Ga. — For many students, the things learned during the school year can be easily forgotten during the summer months away. That’s why the Steps-to-College program, which provides summer enrichment courses for English-learning local high school students, was developed.

By Joshua Silavent. The Gainesville Times.

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