Letter to the editor: Kavanaugh, like all officials, must follow law

July 15, 2018

Officials, follow law

I doubt that the Founding Fathers, with their vision and foresight, could have imagined that a segment of our society would be so frightened by a person of faith, who holds the Constitution in high regard, and would be willing to perjure themselves by declaring they knew civilization was going to end. Brett Kavanaugh, the new nominee to the Supreme Court, has been received by liberals and the sycophant press with more disdain than Satan could muster for a Bible salesman.

It is obvious they do not really believe that their passion for killing unborn babies and other forbidden acts are justified in the eyes of God, the Commandments, the Constitution or a rational society, or they would not be trying to silence alternate viewpoints.

Our freedom is based upon three branches of government: one to legislate, one to enforce and one to balance the others. It is not to have a judicial branch create laws that the legislative branch could not or would not enact.

We must demand that our officials (elected and unelected) follow the Constitution and duly enacted legislation and adhere to civil discourse or this great experiment in self-government will wither and die.

Donald McIlwain


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