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Woman Sues Matchmaker Over Bad Dates

March 25, 2002

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) _ A single woman has sued a matchmaker who she said set her up on dates with men who wore toupees and had problems with sexual dysfunction.

Randie Kaiser, 40, of Miami-Dade County, has sued matchmaker Helena Amram for fraudulent inducement, fraud, breach of contract and violation of Florida’s unfair trade and deceptive practices act.

Kaiser said she paid Amram $20,000 for her service that promised a ``happy, long-lasting relationship″ with a man of the ``highest caliber.″

Physicians and psychologists were supposed to screen the clients to ensure a perfect match. Instead the client profiles were computer-generated reports with nearly identical descriptions of male dates, the lawsuit claims.

When Kaiser complained, Amram showed her photographs of beautiful women and told her ``this is your competition,″ according to court documents.

Amram denies the allegations, said her attorney, Michael B. Cohen of Fort Lauderdale.

He said Kaiser did not like the three or four dates she was shown.

``Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,″ Cohen said. ``The rest is a matter of proof for the courts.″

At least two other lawsuits against Amram’s Boca Raton service, Soulmate by Helena, have been settled in the past year. Boca Raton police searched the offices last month for an ongoing investigation by the department’s Economic Crime Task Force.

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