Welcoming insight from student board members

September 17, 2018

Congratulations to Capital High School junior Mercedes Torres and Santa Fe High School junior Harvey McGuinness, who were just sworn in as student advisory members to the Santa Fe school board (“Smartboard,” Sept. 10). We are grateful for their participation and hope their service to the community will be challenging, rewarding and an inspiration to their friends and colleagues. Thanks, too, to the family and mentors who encouraged them along the way. Good luck! Make a difference.

Ellen Herr

Santa Fe

No middle ground

Foster Hurley (“Two brothers, two realities,” My View, Sept. 9) and his brother seem to be a microcosm of the lack of political dialogue in this country. When both brothers are convinced that only they know the truth and are correct, there is no middle ground. How sad indeed.

Norm Kaczmarek

Santa Fe

Voter suppression?

Robert Nott’s article (“SFPS plans challenge to Local Election Act,” Sept. 9) implies an equating of Santa Fe school board President Steven Carrillo with voter suppression — true or false?

K.F. Wylie

Santa Fe


I take issue with Vince Torres (“All lives are worth the fight,” My View, Sept. 9). He wrote about a brave woman who survived cancer with a lot of support from doctors, etc. But there is a very sad other side — people who have a very painful terminal illness, who have no chance to escape the pain that is with them every minute. They may be confined to a bed, drugged with painkillers, fed through tubes, breathing through tubes, knowing it’s never going to get better.

It must be so terrible to just want to go to sleep and not wake up. These people are cogent, and no matter how happy their life was in the past, they want to end this torture. How can Vince Torres give such a one-sided opinion about something he has never experienced and, if he is lucky, never will?

Carol Kokin

Santa Fe

Poor sportsmanship

Serena Williams says she will tell her daughter: “Sometimes, things in life don’t happen the way we want them, but always stay gracious and stay humble. I think that’s the lesson we can all learn from this.” Serena was hardly gracious and humble. She took away young Naomi Osaka’s joy at winning a great American title. Tennis needs an apology.

Liz Paterson


A governor to help

I wonder if today’s Republican Party is any different than the church that’s been concealing the acts of its clergy (“Catholic faithful demand change after scandal,” Sept. 9).

How do Republicans like N.M. Republican Congressman Steve Pearce — now running for governor — slink aside, tail between legs, while their administration tears children from their parents and installs them in for-profit prisons? The owners of which, by the way, donate thousands of dollars to him and our current Republican governor, Susana Martinez. All this, while his party employs tricks and deceit to prevent those who might not vote for them from voting at all. How is Pearce helping New Mexicans when he helps his president crush a decent, effective health care program, rendering it ineffective and unaffordable for those of us who need it?

Should we really give Pearce the governorship where he can hurt us even more? Let’s think about our families this time and vote for Michelle Lujan Grisham. She’ll be a governor who’ll help us.

David Paulsen

Santa Fe

Lack of care

Driving around town, I admire so many median strips adopted by businesses that have done a lovely job making Santa Fe beautiful. Then I see ones with dead trees, plants and weeds. If the name of your business is on the sign, what does that message convey about your company? And why isn’t your lack of care noticed by the people overseeing the program?

Maggi Hill

Santa Fe

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