Letters To The Editor 9/22/2018

September 22, 2018

Schautz memories

Editor: The renovation of Schautz Memorial Stadium in Dunmore keeps the rich baseball heritage of Scranton rolling, refreshing the memories of past players and adding to the pleasure and growth of future ones.

When we brought the Scranton Red Soxx and the Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League to Scranton in l971 four factors convinced the league board in New York City:

■ The enthusiasm of Scranton fans and the city’s baseball tradition.

■ My position as coach and athletic director at the University of Scranton.

■ The fanfare generated by The Scranton Times and its sports staff, headed by former sports editor John McCormick.

■ The lighted, cozy confines of Schautz Stadium.

Several Scrantonians consider it the first step toward returning professional baseball to the area. As longtime fans know, the Boston Red Sox had an Eastern League franchise in Scranton for many seasons. An independently owned club followed the Red Sox in 1952. I was to report for spring training with that franchise, but the Korean War intervened.

During the period of 1968 to 1974 my university and ACBL teams called Schautz Stadium home. In the ACBL we had several university players, including Dunmore’s Tom Sohns and Ang Mecca. Several ACBL graduates made it to the major leagues. Joe Maddon, manager of the Chicago Cubs, played with the Scranton Red Soxx in 1974.

The U.S. Pan-Am team, the best collegians in the nation, toured the east in 1974 and were led by Fred Lynn, later of Boston Red Sox fame. They played at Schautz against our Red Soxx.

The university appreciated Schautz Stadium and the Schautz family community efforts for decades. All of us who had the privilege and pleasure to play and coach at Schautz salute the decision of Dunmore Borough Council’s $3 million decision to renovate it.



Editor’s note: The writer is a former athletic director at the University of Scranton.



Shamed by paper

Editor: The Sept. 7 paper reported the arrest of two young people for having sex in a car on a dark road.

I guess the Saudis aren’t the only ones with morality police. I know newspapers report the news but what is the point of printing the names and further embarrassing the participants and their families?

Is that in the public interest or just some smirking editor’s decision? This newspaper is very free with personal information that hurts people for no reason.



Nike’s mistake

Editor: How can a great company like Nike hire a nonsupporter of the national anthem and the American flag for an appearance in its TV commercial?

I hope all former and current service members stop buying Nike products.

There are nonsupporters of football player Colin Kaepernick, who appears in the ad, who have a military background. Nike is making a big mistake.




Smart withdrawal

Editor: There’s a good reason why the United States pulled out of the Paris climate agreement.

The United States pledged $3 billion for the agreement fund’s aid to poor countries while countries such as China and India would continue to increase their emissions until 2030 and then level off and pay nothing.

The United States would have to cut emissions by 26 percent by 2025 from 2005 levels. Economically, it would bring the country to its knees. President Trump did the right thing.




Put statues back

Editor: It’s sad that the religious statues outside of Scranton’s police and fire headquarters violated the First Amendment.

It was a thoughtful blessing for the policemen and firefighters. Those statues were there for up to three years and all of a sudden, it was wrong.

They should be returned to where they were placed and left there. It was thoughtful of the woman who put them there and they should be displayed again.




Sound advice

Editor: I have been riding a bicycle in traffic for about 30 years.

During that time it has come to my attention that excluding sight, hearing is the most important safeguard. I do not believe this axiom is confined to bicycle riding.

I see people jogging and walking in or near traffic, on an ongoing basis, who deny themselves the safeguard their hearing can provide through the use of headphones.

Protect yourself, do not negate your sense of hearing when involved in any endeavor near traffic. Don’t count on a motorist to be vigilant for you. Be smart and use your head.




New job title

Editor: Times-Tribune columnist Chris Kelly’s curriculum vitae now includes: wannabe theologian, pretended biblical scholar, ex-cathedra mouthpiece for Jesus Christ, judge of judges plenipotentiary, and supreme blasphemer.




Americans first

Editor: John McCain and Barry Goldwater represented not just a common state, but had a common philosophy, Americanism.

These Americans prompted us to reflect on the significance of being part of this great political experiment. I grew to admire both men as they consistently represented our American essence.

What is the predominant feature of McCain and Goldwater? Were they Republicans or Americans? The answer goes without saying. Democrats, take heed.



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